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Pelletron Introduces New Test Lab

by Pelletron Corporation

Pelletron has built a new test lab to perform pneumatic conveying trials as well as product cleaning tests with the DeDuster®. The pneumatic conveying test loop is designed for dilute, STRANDPHASE® and slow motion dense phase conveying, to determine the characteristics of each conveying technology. Degradation tests can be done, including wash out of piping, to determine the exact increase of dust generated through pneumatic conveying and to compare the difference in results between standard pipe elbows and Pellbows®. These types of tests have already been used by many customers to make the right choices for their conveying lines. The new pellcon3® conveying process, a combination of STRANDPHASE® conveying, Pellbow® pipe bends and the DeDuster®, can also be demonstrated.  

The Pelletron test lab includes various types and sizes of DeDuster® systems for testing a variety of materials and capacities. For measuring the dust content, Pelletron uses the FineAlyzer® for wet test analysis in accordance with the European FEM or the new ASTM D 7486 – 08 standards. Pelletron provides an electronic test report which includes a ppm analysis and digital images of the material before and after dedusting. Today, test material is received from around the world for FREE-OF-CHARGE dedusting tests. 

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