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XP-series DeDuster® with automated inlet device

by Pelletron Corporation

Pelletron developed a DeDuster® with the new automated inlet devices. Saving costs and simplifying the operation was the inspiration for this new development (patent pending). This DeDuster® feature was designed for cleaning large capacities of plastics pellets in Plastics Producer plants or other granular bulk materials from 18 t/h (40,000 lbs/h) to 150 t/h (330,000 lbs/h) at bagging, truck, railcar loading and container loading. The new device eliminates the use of expensive and heavy rotary valves that are normally used for feeding product into the DeDuster®. The automated inlet deflectors move to adjust the product flow to the desired flow rate, evenly distribute product over the wash decks of the DeDuster® and can shut down the product flow completely. Rugged pneumatic actuators with integrated positioners move the inlet deflectors to any position based on a control signal from the plant DCS. The DeDuster® will be introduced at the upcoming NPE show in Orlando from March 22 to 27. Visit our booth W 3383.

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