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Pelletron Services

Pelletron provides a variety of services for customers.

Test Facilities

Test Facilities »

In order to help customers to select the best pneumatic conveying technology or the best dedusting system for their specific application, Pelletron provides a variety of testing options.

DeDusting Test

Free-of-Charge DeDusting Tests »

Pelletron offers a comprehensive free-of-charge DeDusting test to customers around the world.

Conveying Tests

Conveying and Attrition Tests »

Pelletron maintains test facilities for various types of pneumatic conveying tests. 

Toll Cleaning Service

Toll Cleaning Service »

Plastic processing customers sometimes receive plastic pellets from suppliers that do not meet their standards for further processing because of high dust content, streamers or other contaminants.

Leasing Program

Leasing Program »

The Pelletron Leasing Program is available to qualified customers worldwide.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts Program »

Pelletron offers a comprehensive and efficient spare parts service for Pelletron components, DeDusters® and pneumatic conveying systems.