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The Pellbow® - The Unique Pipe Bend

The Pellbow® is a special pipe bend that reduces fines, eliminates the formation of streamers and is wear resistant. Available in sizes 1.5” to 12” (40mm to 300mm), in stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. Fits pipe connection stub ends, loose or welded flanges and cast flanges.

The Pellbowfamily

The Working Principle

The Pellbow® Resists Wear – Naturally. In traditional long radius elbow installations, the conveyed product slides along the elbow wall at a high velocity. The strong centrifugal force presses the product against the outer metal surface. This causes friction and heat which creates streamers and breakage. By design, material flowing through the Pellbow® accumulates in the pocket or “impact zone” and moves slowly upward and out. Incoming material is deflected at 90 degrees with minimum resistance and no impact damage.

Pellbow® Applications

  • All high and low density dilute phase systems
  • Plastic pellets, other granules and abrasive products
  • Replacement of long and short radius elbows and other pipe bends

Pellbow® Features

  • Compact and easy to install
  • 100% self-cleaning
  • Reduced noise level
  • Minimized pressure drop
  • Various fittings and metals to address a wide range of requirements