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Products and Services for the Plastics Manufacturing & Compounding Industry

Pelletron provides pneumatic conveying systems, special dedusting technologies and components for plastics manufacturers and compounders. The new conveying process pellcon3® was developed for this industry to reduce the creation of dust and streamers and to reduce investment costs. This process demonstrates the new thinking in pneumatic conveying.  

Selection of the suitable pneumatic conveying transfer system for dry bulk solid materials (pellets, granules, chips, regrind and powders) is important for the function and the economical, reliable operation of an entire plant. Complex and unreliable systems lead to high maintenance costs and plant shut downs. 

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System design and engineering

Pelletron’s highly specialized Bulkmatology® team has many years of knowledge and experience in designing and building systems that meet the unique and individual needs of its customers.

Whether it is de-bottlenecking an existing system or designing a complete turnkey plant from the ground up, Pelletron’s extensive know-how and experience ensures that solutions are efficient, cost-effective and meet the industry’s highest standards of quality. Pelletron’s project managers are familiar with national and international standards and are supported by local service providers and suppliers.

Pelletron’s system services include:

  • System design/engineering
  • System analysis and optimization
  • Project management
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Installation
  • Field service
  • Global sourcing
  • Commissioning
  • Pneumatic conveying and dedusting tests
  • Toll cleaning
  • Spare parts and refurbishing
  • And more…

Pelletron’s application experience includes:

  • Railcar loading and unloading systems
  • Pneumatic transfer systems
  • Bagging stations
  • Big bag filling stations
  • Truck loading and unloading systems
  • Extruder feeding
  • Upgrading dilute and dense phase systems to pellcon3® systems
  • And more…

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pellcon3® conveying system
pellcon3® conveying system
DeDuster® installed at a big bag loading station for plastic pellets
DeDuster® installed at a big bag loading station for plastic pellets
DeDusters® and Pellbows® installed at a plastics production plant for railcar and truck loading
The Pellcon3® process shown here includes a DeDuster® system, Pellbow® pipe bends and STRANDPHASE® conveying in use for truck an railcar loading.
DeDuster® installation solutions
DeDuster® installation solutions