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Products and Services for the Plastics Processing Industries

Pelletron provides dust prevention and dust removal technologies for injection molding, blow molding, foil extrusion and other plastic conversion processes.

DeDuster® Applications for the Plastics Processing Industry

Production of high quality end products requires clean plastic pellets. Dust and streamers in plastic pellets cause many problems for the plastics processing industry: 

  • High “scrap” rates from fines burning in mold
  • Blurry surfaces resulting from vaporized dust particles
  • Weak spots in fibers
  • Flaws in wire insulation
  • Gels in films
  • Housekeeping problems caused by dust and streamers
  • Crusting of feed throat of screw
  • Reduced mold and screw life resulting from carbonization of dust
  • Mold vents clogged by dust
  • Equipment and machines clogged by streamers
  • Dust accumulation on silo walls, roofs and hopper walls 

Black spots and blurry surfaces in injection molded parts are expensive. These defects, caused by dust and streamers, reduce quality and increase scrap rate.

Pelletron's reliable, proven technology, The DeDuster®, provides the solution.

Comparison with/without DeDuster®
Comparison with/without DeDuster®
High quality end products
High quality end products

A DeDuster® can be installed directly on top of an injection molding machine or on a dryer, depending on the process requirements. The standard installation is a closed loop configuration with a fan and a dust collector. The removed dust is separated by the dust collector and dropped into a dust bucket and the cleaned air is returned to the DeDuster®. Special configurations for clean room applications are also available.

The use of regrind is also common in the plastics processing industry. Regrind is very dusty and needs to be cleaned before it is mixed with virgin pellets, before packaging into big bags or re-pelletizing.

Specifically for injection molding processes: The C-20 DeDuster®

C-20 DeDuster® installed on injection molding machine (IMM)
C-20 DeDuster® installed on injection molding machine (IMM)