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Pneumatic Conveying Components

The selection of suitable components for a pneumatic conveying transfer system for dry bulk solid materials (pellets, granules, chips, regrind and powders) is important for the function and the economical, reliable operation of an entire plant. Unreliable components and equipment lead to high maintenance costs and plant shut downs.


Pelletron offers a full range of components, parts and accessories for the handling of powders, pellets and other dry bulk materials for pneumatic conveying systems.

Rotary Valves and Accessories

  • Granular Rotary Valve Medium Pressure -- GRM
  • Granular Rotary Valve High Pressure – GRH
  • Granular Quick Clean Rotary Valve Medium Pressure – GQM
  • Granular Quick Clean Rotary Valve Medium Pressure/Hinged – GQM/H
  • Powder Rotary Valve Medium Pressure – PRM
  • Powder Rotary Valve High Pressure – PRH
  • Powder Blow Through Rotary Valve High Pressure – PBH
  • Conveyor Station Medium And High Pressure – CSM/H
  • Pelletron Air Regulating Station – PAR

Diverter Valves

  • Powder Diverter Valve – PDV
  • Granular Diverter Valve – GDV
  • Granular Gravity Diverter Symmetric – GGD/S
  • Granular Gravity Diverter Asymmetric – GGD/A
  • Knife Gate Manual -- KVH
  • Knife Gate Automatic – KVC


  • Dosing Rotors
  • V-Shaped Rotors
  • Shallow Pocket Rotors

Piping and Accessories

  • Pellbow®