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Pelletron has the products and systems for the gentle handling of dry bulk materials.

Conveying Technologies

Conveying Technologies »

Pelletron offers dilute phase, dense phase and STRANDPHASE® conveying. Pelletron’s preferred solution for gentle material handling is called pellcon3®. This conveying process consists of STRANDPHASE® conveying, Pellbow® pipe bends for gentle diversion of material and the DeDuster®, for perfect dust removal. Pelletron can recommend the suitable conveying solution for your application.


Pneumatic Conveying Components »

The selection of the suitable components for a pneumatic conveying transfer system for dry bulk solid materials (pellets, granules, chips, regrind and powders) is important for the function and the economical, reliable operation of an entire plant.

DeDusting Solutions

Dedusting Solutions »

The Pelletron DeDuster® emerged as the most efficient way to remove all kinds of dust, streamers and other contaminants. For a better understanding of fines creation and modern fines removal, let us take a closer look. 

Other Industries

Other Industries – Food, Minerals, Pharmaceuticals, Recycling »

Pelletron’s pneumatic conveying and dedusting technologies and components provide perfect solutions for food, mineral, pharmaceutical and recycling applications.