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Request a quotation Toll Cleaning

Pelletron provides toll cleaning services at our test facility. The rate for this service is 0.385/lb.

The minimum quantity is 1000 lbs. A purchase order is required prior to shipment of all material.

Please return a completed Request for Toll Cleaning form and a purchase order as your request of service.
Once received, we will contact you to make detailed arrangements.


Sales Contact:
Andrew Martin

Pelletron Phone:

Pelletron Fax:

Shipping Instructions:
We do not accept material freight collect!

Pelletron Corporation
Attn: Bill Sahrhage, Lab Manager
1866 Colonial Village Ln.
Lancaster, PA 17601-6704
Tel.: +1 (717) 293-4008
Fax.: +1 (717) 293-4011

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.