HR45 - introducing a cutting-edge technology advancement for dust removal

Pelletron, the leader in high performance dust removal systems for more than three decades, has once again developed a cutting-edge technology to remove dust and streamers from all plastic pellets and regrind materials.

The new half-round cone technology (patent pending) is the foundation for the HR45 DeDuster®. As a huge improvement on the existing dust removal technology that already leads the market, this new model will ultimately replace the XP45 DeDuster® model that primarily serves the Plastics Processing and Compounding industry (e.g extrusion & injection molding).

With an overall capacity of 10,000 lb/hr (4.5t/hr) for average bulk density materials (PE, PET, PC, PMMA, PA, etc.) the advantages of the new HR45 DeDuster® are:


  • Huge savings in operating costs due to 40% less power consumption!


  • Reduced equipment costs due to smaller filters and cyclones (700 CFM versus 1100 CFM)!


  • Additional reduced equipment costs due to an automatic inlet flow control feature that eliminates the need of a rotary valve to control the solids flow rate into the DeDuster®!


  • Fits in small spaces due to reduced height (0.6m versus 0.8m flange to flange height)!


  • Super high efficiency cleaning performance due to less carryover!


  • Easy to operate due to no tools access viewing window!


  • Available after the NPE in Orlando!


See it for yourself. Visit us at the NPE, May 7 – 11, Booth # W2153

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Pelletron in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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