Introducing the completely new C-20 DeDuster® for Plastics Processors

Pelletron, the leader in high performance dust removal systems for more than three decades, is constantly working on enhancements that meet the needs of an evolving market.

As a result, the very popular C-20 DeDuster® model has been completely redesigned.


The original C-20 DeDuster® model, introduced to the market in 2014, was uniquely designed for the Plastics Processing industry. Especially injection molders welcomed this model due to its simple operation, excellent cleaning performance and economical price point.

 It is the most effective dust removal system on the market, capable of processing up to 100lbs/h of dry, granular material, yet requires no additional floor space.

The advantages of the new C-20 DeDuster® are as follows:


  • Excellent cleaning performance due to a refined venturi zone geometry that reduces carryover!


  • Easy to install directly on top of the glass tube hopper of the machine!


  • Safe operation due to an integrated level sensor that is installed in a glass hopper tube, stops the material flow!


  • Easy to operate due to completely new feeder assembly with variable speed paddle for finer control of solids feed rate!


  • Easy to maintain due to flat disc type filters with more surface area rather than previous closed-end cylinder type filters!


  • Higher temperature applications due to increased temperature limits of dry, granular material from 150 °F to 185°F!


  • Easy to watch cleaning process due to the new side window!


  • Available Now!



See for yourself and visit us at the NPE, May 7 -11, booth #W2153

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