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Dust, fines and streamers can contaminate your resin feed and impact efficiency and profits.

Clean Conveying Cuts Costs and Enables Efficiency

Focus on three key areas when moving material for better-quality parts and less downtime.

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Pelletron Smart Controls - Industry 4.0

At Pelletron, we understand real time visibility into operational performance is essential to achieving success in today‘s challenging economic environment. 

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A mobile DeDuster (left) below a silo and next to it a bagging plant which is placed below another silo; in the next step the DeDuster can be moved towards the right, above this packaging machine.

Keeping granulate a clean deal

The DeDuster technology from Pelletron promises prevention and removal of angel hair and dust in plastic granulate – especially for usage in packaging systems for plastic granulate.

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IPEG Acquires Pelletron

IPEG, Inc., with subsidiaries serving the plastics‐processing, waste‐recycling, and industrial heattransfer markets, has acquired Pelletron Corporation, a leading supplier of pneumatic conveying systems, dust removal systems and other related products.

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RC 1 DeDuster®

Introducing the new RC 1 DeDuster®

Pelletron introduces the new design of the  RC 1 DeDuster®.

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XP-series DeDuster® with automated inlet device

Pelletron developed a DeDuster® with the new automated inlet devices.

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