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Discover the pellcon3® process and more great Conveying Technologies.

Discover our Conveying Technologies

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Conveying Technologies

Pneumatic Conveying Solutions for your application

Discover the comparison of different conveying modes in typical conveying layouts.


Discover pellcon3®:
the gentle conveying process

See how the combination of STRANDPHASE®, the Pellbow® and our DeDuster® can save you money.


container loading

Explore the dust free container loadingsystem for all dry bulk materials

DeDuster® for Plastics Manufacturers, Processors, Compounders & Injection molders

XP-series DeDuster®

XP Series DeDuster®

- the standard dedusting machine for discharge capacities from 600Kg/h (1000lbs/h) up to 150t/h (350.000lbs/h)

Mini Series DeDuster®

Mini Series DeDuster®

- the dedusting machines for discharge capacities from 5kg/h (11lbs/h) up to 750kg/h (1650lbs/h)

Mobile DeDuster® Systems

Mobile DeDuster® Systems

installed directly under the silo and travel from one silo to the next.

Custom DeDuster® solutions

Custom DeDuster® Solutions

- available from 600kg/h (1000lbs/h) up to 150t/h (350.000lbs/h)

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