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Pelletron also provides free-of-charge dedusting tests. Just complete one of the following forms and we contact you as soon as possible

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Free-Of-Charge DeDusting Test

Send us your product to see how clean your product could get.

Conveying Test

Pelletron offers various types of pneumatic conveying systems for powders and other granular applications.

Spare Parts

We offer a comprehensive and efficient spare parts service for Pelletron components, DeDusters® and pneumatic conveying systems.

The DeDuster®

We provide DeDusters® for the plastics processing and plastics manufacturing industries and other applications.

Pneumatic Conveying

We offer complete pneumatic conveying systems for pellets and powders

The Pellbow®

The Pellbow® is a special pipe bend that reduces fines, eliminates the formation of streamers and is wear resistant.

Rotary Valves

We developed new energy saving rotary valves including a special device to avoid the cutting of granular products.

Diverter Valves

For the diversion of the conveyed material in the pipelines we provide diverter valves for granular and powder applications.

Toll Cleaning

We offer a Toll Cleaning Service to help processors to clean their product quickly.

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